#DONTFORGETAFGHANISTAN lädt zur Protestaktion ein.  Ein Jahr ist das Taliban-Regime nun wieder in Afghanistan an der Macht. Damit einhergehend hat sich die Situation für die Menschen akut verschlechtert. Die Protestaktion wird durch Redebeiträge, Workshops und Performances Raum bieten, um darauf aufmerksam zu machen. XENION unterstützt diese Aktion und bezieht unsere Klient:innen dabei mit ein.

WO? Vor dem Auswärtigen Amt


Demo: Samstag, 13.08.2022 14:00 Uhr

Protest Camp: 13.-15.08.2022

Rede einer Klientin von XENION zur aktuellen Situation in Afghanistan:

Since the last August 5 million left the country and 15 million have been displaced internally. And the world closed their eyes on Afghanistan. Despite the crises, the countries build their border taller, put Afghan refugees in detention camps and deported them back to Afghanistan. This is continuously happening. Is Afghanistan outside of this world? 35 million people have been taken hostage in a country named Afghanistan.

Girls are banned from schools, basic human rights been violated. Women are not allowed to work. poverty is in its peak.

The cases of people in danger and of those who were evacuated to the third countries are still pending. Most of them are still shocked and going through tough times. Empty promises are enough. As an Afghan we all hope for a better future and brighter future to our country.

As the last thing I would mention if anyone or any country wants to stand with Afghanistan: Lets ask taliban to come for election. Not by force.

Today our best doctors, best engineers, best economists, our well skilled left the country and most of them are working as daily wage laborers, kitchen helpers. I don’t think we deserve such a life. We deserve to live in peace and prosperity like everyone else in the world.