The Arriving in Berlin App is a digital map with helpful Information for refugees and newcomers to Berlin:



developed by Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Refugees on Rails and supported by the Friends of Haus der Kulturen der Welt

  • Legal help and counselling

    Lawyers specialising in asylum law and residency

    We strongly recommend consulting only qualified lawyers who specialise in asylum and residence law. In the manual of Flüchtlingsrat Berlin you can find a list of specialized lawyers (see pages 46-53).


    Advice centers

    Here you can find a list of advice centers for refugees.


    Social counselling and counselling for asylum seekers:

    The following documents provide detailed information and lists further counselling Offices:, pages 2-25


    Berlin Network for the Identification of Vulnerability:

    This document provides a list of organizations specialized in the counselling and treatment for especially vulnerable refugee and migrant Groups BNS_Fachstellenuebersicht_2017



  • Medical, psychological and psychiatric support

    Clearingstelle Charité

    The Clearingstelle in Turmstraße provides psychiatric and psychological diagnostics and first aid and helps with access to other doctors or clinics in Berlin.


    KBS Berlin

    The network of counselling and Information offices (KBS) provides counselling and helps with access to psychosocial and psychotherapeutic treatment for refugees throughout Berlin.


    Charité / TransVer

    The TransVer Project provides counselling and helps with access to psychosocial and psychotherapeutical treatment in Berlin.


    Zentrum für transkulturelle Psychiatrie

    The center is specialized in psychiatric care of migrants and refugees.



    The Intercultural Center for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy provides social counselling, treatment and therapy for refugees and migrants.


    Medibüro Berlin

    Medibüro is a network for the medical treatment of refugees and migrants without papers or insurance. They help you to find an access to free and anonymous treatments.



    OpenMed is a network (operating all over Germany) for the medical treatment of refugees and migrants without papers or insurance. They help to provide you with an access to free and anonymous treatment.


    Zentrum Überleben

    Like XENION, Zentrum Überleben has been offering psychosocial, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric Treatments for traumatised refugees and victims of torture for many years now.


  • Legal help and counselling for LGBTIQ* refugees

    Les Migras 

    Les Migras offers groups and counceling for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans- & inter (LGBTIQ) refugees. They also have a wide range of empowerment workshops and support LGBTIQ refugees that experience discrimination and violence.


    GLADT e.V.

    GLADT e. V.  is a self-organized organization from Black Persons and Persons of Color. Here (queer) Black Persons and People of Color will find support, empowerment and psychosocial counceling in situations of stress, pressure and exclusion. GLADT e.V. also helps you to find orientation in different supplying and supporting systems. If you experienced (multiple) discrimination like: homophobia, transphobia, violence on the street, at the authorities, from the police, in the relationship, from friends, bullying, stalking or sexual violence, GLADT e.V. supports you and can provide non-German speaking or multilingual doctors, therapists and lawyers.


    Schwulenberatung Berlin

    Schwulenberatung Berlin has special offers for LGBTIQ refugees like a drop-in Center, where you can get support for all kinds of problems you’re facing as a Black/Person of Color refugee. They also offer official shelter for LGBTIQ refugees and LGBTIQ sensitive translators.

  • Support for female refugees

    BIG Hotline

    BIG Hotline supports women and children in cases of domestic violence. BIG Hotline gives support and advice to all women and children who experience or have experienced domestic violence in their relationship or are being harassed, threatened or stalked by their (ex)partner.


    Lara Berlin Mobile Beratung für geflüchtete Frauen

    Lara offers unbureaucratic assistance for women, girls and transgender people over the age of 14, who have been raped, sexually abused and/or sexually harassed.